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 Recruitment topic

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PostSubject: Recruitment topic   Wed Feb 03, 2010 11:28 pm

Your recruitment topic should be completed as fallow:

Your name:

Your Age:

What country are you from ?:

Your character's name:

Main Class:

Main class lvl:

Your 1st subclass is:

1st subclass lvl:

Your 2nd subclass is:

2nd subclass lvl:

Your 3rd subclass is:

3rd subclass lvl:

Are you noblesse?:

Equipment you have:

Can you play at mass pvp?

- Please post your PC configuration:

What clan(s) have you been in, before posting this:

If you are currently a member of any clan please explain.
-which clan and why do you want to leave:

Why do you want to join NewJustice:

How much time can you play per day/week/month?:

Is there anyone from NewJustice that can recommend you?
If yes please tell us his/her/their name(s):

Please make make a new application topic so we can watch the updates.Thank you

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Recruitment topic
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